Friday, March 18, 2016

Kalabhavan Mani’s friend flies abroad

THRISSUR: The probe in connection with the suspicious death of Kalabhavan Mani has reached a turning point. The police has found that Mani’s friend Joemon was the one who brought arrack to his outhouse in Pady. He has flown abroad and all efforts are taken to bring him back. A team of six brought the arrack to his outhouse. The Chalakudy police have taken a case against them. Joy, Jomon, Murukan and Arun are in the custody of the police. A case has been taken against two more persons.

The police has found that the six had attended the liquor feast held on the previous day of his death. The arrack was brewed at a house in Varantharappilly. The six had told the police that they had brought arrack on many occasions. Many medicines were used in it to increase its strength. However, they told police that they had not mixed chlorpyrifose, a pesticide in the arrack brewed at Varantharappilly. In this situation, investigation on how the pesticide reached the outhouse in Pady is progressing. Though they have questioned more than 140 persons already, no hints have been obtained so far. Meantime, as the statements of actors Jafar Idukki and Tharikida Sabu are contradictory, the investigating official said they will be questioned again if necessary.

The police had recorded the statement of Mani’s brother R L V Ramakrishnan that there were a team along with the actor eyeing his financial situation. Police has not believed the argument that the actor was killed for his money. Police are investigating whether Mani consumed arrack on that day. His friends and relatives said that Mani used to consume only beer since the last two years.

Mani was admitted at Amritha Hospital in Kochi in 2015 for liver disease.

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