Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Commission has ended Saritha's trial

KOCHI: Solar Judicial Commission has wound up the trial of Solar scam accused Saritha S Nair. Solar Commission chief Justice Sivarajan said the above decision was taken as the accused was more often than not eluding trial proceedings in the name of shooting and other busy preoccupations.  

Saritha had deposed before the Commission that she had many things to reveal and she would submit more evidence. But she was not ready for that. “Under these circumstance, there is no point in extending the trial. Hence, we are ending the trial. Saritha was given a number of opportunities but she didn’t use that in the right way and she was also not ready to convince the Commission about the statements she had made,” the Commission blamed Saritha.                                            

If Saritha feels like submitting the evidence, she can do that through her counsel. If those evidence helps the inquiry, the Commission will examine that and take appropriate action, Sivarajan has clarified.

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