Monday, March 21, 2016

I’ve given up my desire to become MLA, says Cherian Philip

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: I have given up my long cherished desire to become an MLA at least once, said Left fellow traveller and political thinker Cherian Philip. EMS Namboodiripad had years before addressed him as an activist with no desire and this has turned to be true now, he posted in his Facebook page.

As I don’t want to be defeated for the fifth time, I have given up my desire to become an assembly member. The words of the communist ideologue EMS have become true. I don’t have the fate to become an MLA maybe because the major portion of my life was spent on the corridors of the MLA Hostel. I will raise my head and work for the social activities as long as I can.  Will react to things which I believe is right, he said.

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