Monday, March 21, 2016

Presence of Opium, Ganja in Kalabhavan Mani’s urine sample: Toxicology report

KOCHI: In the toxicology report on Kalabhavan Mani’s urine sample, traces of opium and ganja were spotted. The report was available from Kochi Amrita hospital where the late actor was admitted for the last time.

The hospital authorities handed over the report to the police investigating the case. But it is also doubted whether the above substances had entered Mani’s body through the medicines he had taken prior to his death. More investigation may be needed in this regard. The police became suspicious after Mani’s blood samples contained Chlor Piriphos along with Methyl & Ethyl Alcohol. Toxicological test was sought after this. The report was prepared by Toxicology head of the hospital Dr V V Pillai.
Meanwhile, police’s inference is that the pesticide didn’t enter Mani’s body during the boozing session at his Padi outhouse. It might have entered his body the next day morning.

The boozing session took place on March 4 between 8 pm to 12 midnight. The actor became unconscious the next day morning. He also became exhausted after vomiting between 7 and 8 am that day, which usually happens soon after pesticides enter the body, according experts.

Police probe’s focus now is Mani’s close friends Arun, Vipin and Murukan. Medical negligence, if any, will also be looked into.

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