Friday, March 18, 2016

Traces of poison found in Kalabhavan Mani’s body

THRISSUR: The forensic report has mentioned the presence of three types of poison in the body of actor Kalabhavan Mani. Chlorpyrifos, a crystalline organophosphate insecticide usually spraying on plants, was found in his body. Traces of methanol and ethanol were also found in his body.

On investigation, the police found that he had drunk 15 tins of beer on the previous day he was hospitalised.

The actor’s friend Dr Sumesh said the actor had vomited blood before he was hospitalised. 

Vipin, Murugan and Arun, staff members of Mani, were taken into custody by the police for questioning in connection with the incident.

The police had questioned Tharikeda Sabu and actor Jaffer Idukki

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