Friday, March 18, 2016

Mani was in bad company, says brother

THRISSUR: Actor Kalabhavan Mani’s brother R L V Ramakrishnan has revealed that a group among his friends always wanted to ‘loot’ money from him. After programmes Mani and this group usually headed to Padi rest house. At that time, Mani would be having Rs five to six lakhs in his hand. When he woke up he found the money missing. He knew that some of his friends took money from him without his knowledge.  

“It was one such day. That day some might have deliberately forced him to drink too much so that he lost his consciousness. Those friends were also responsible for my brother losing chances in films. When many in the film field called him up, his friends responded from the other end. They said Mani was asleep, he is performing on the stage, or he was busy. Thus they isolated him from others in the film field. They wanted my brother to do programmes rather than acting in films, so that they could get ready cash. Several times my brother tried to stop drinking. He used to visit temples. Every year I used to go to Sabarimala with him. This time it did not happen. It was they who isolated him even from our family,” Ramakrishnan alleged.

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