Thursday, March 3, 2016

Inter-state fake note gang busted

ATTINGAL: Attingal police busted an international fake note racket during their routine inspection of motor vehicles on Wednesday.

The arrested include six members. The police arrested four persons from Attingal and two persons from Tamil Nadu.  The persons arrested are Pradeep (Kannur), Sabeer, Ansar (Kollam), Vinod (Attingal), Sunil Kumar (Kadakkal) and Balayya (Chenkotta). They are also vehicle dealers.   

The police arrested the men when they were conducting vehicle inspection the other day. The four men who had arrived in two cars was arrested when they were exchanging money bags. As the police grew suspicious about the men, they started questioning them in detail. In the interrgoation, the police got some information about fake notes. The police later seized Rs 2 lakh from them and out of that Rs 18,0000 were found to be counterfeit notes.

The police have also taken into custody their cars. Based on their statements they arrested two others from Tamil Nadu Kerala border later. They are trying to find more details including the whereabouts of the arrested person’s customers. More people are believed to be involved in the racket.      

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