Saturday, November 12, 2016

ATMs still empty; Crisis continues

KOCHI/THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: People are still struggling to find money for their day today expenses. Almost all banks in the State have been witnessing long-winding queues of customers jostling to deposit Rs 550/1000 notes and withdraw valid notes.  

Meanwhile, of the 7000 ATMs in the Thiruvananthapuram district, only 3000 functioned. Most of them are near empty or empty. The ATMs which had remained closed for the past two days had opened yesterday. But within minutes, all those ATMs had become empty, creating panic among the people.

Yesterday there were long queues in front of ATMs and in some places people, who were in a hurry to withdraw money, jumped queues and created dramatic scenes. The hope was that with the opening of ATMs, the rush at banks would be less but this didn’t materialise. Yesterday many ATMs in urban and suburban areas remained closed. Even many ATM counters where banks deposited directly remained shut yesterday.      

Heavy rush was also seen in post office cash counters.


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