Monday, November 7, 2016

Vytila Blackmail case: Another woman under arrest

KOCHI: In Vytila blackmailing case, the police have arrested one more person. The arrested has been identified as Thodupuzha native Bibina (26). She was arrested from Kottayam, yesterday night on a tip-off and was presented in the court today.  

Bibina, an associate of prime accused had gone into hiding after other women in the racket were arrested in the case.
Bibina was the receptionist of Kaloor Winner’s Academy. The modus operandi was the gang lured men into hotel rooms, made them drink juices mixed with sedatives and took their nude pictures and videos  pictures with other women. Then they used to these videos and photos to blackmail their prey for lakhs of money. There were also men in their gang.

Another woman and man who shot videos have also gone into hiding.  

The anti-goon Task force had the other day arrested Shibili (37), Dany (31), Sharath (22) and Mustafa (27) following a complaint given one of the victims, Ajith, who is the manager of a Kochi Electronics shop.

Ajith had fallen into their trap last September. He had come into contact with Shibili through one of his friends. Shibili had called him to her flat in Vytila, after offering to buy 25 SIM cards from him. She had said that she wanted so many SIMs to distribute them among his filmi contacts. 

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