Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kerala still like an ox yoked to crusher, says Kummanam

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: BJP State President Kummanam Rajasekharan has said even when celebrating its 60th birth anniversary Kerala is like an ox yoked to a crusher.  On his Facebook post he says that the government has failed to lead people beyond the intellectual achievements attained by Sanyasins and social reformers for them.

“The rulers became hopeless sons by lavishing the values contributed by neo-liberal leaders.  The much-touted Land Reformation only became beneficial to organised religions sections. People who thought on secular lines were pushed to a side and kept away. The rulers vied with among one another to flood organised vote bank minorities with benefits and concessions.”

“The rulers who have farsightedness for more than five years are a bane for the State. What is needed is a change from this. Kerala has also come to realise lack of innovation from new rulers who had come to power with lots of promises. Kerala’s future will be doomed if there is no substantial change in the administrative leadership,” the post says

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