Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rape victim names CPM local leader

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Thrissur gang rape victim today revealed to the media that it was Vadakkancherry Corporation CPM Councillor Jayanthan and three others who had raped her two years ago. “The three other persons are Jayanthan’s brothers Jineesh, Bineesh and Shibu,” she said at a press conference held in Thiruvnaanthapuram. Her husband Mahen and dubbing artiste Bhagyalakshmi also were present on the dais.  

“The heart-wrenching incident happened in 2014. The four rapists had taken her in a car after convincing her that her husband, who was under treatment in a de-addiction centre, had developed some serious health issues. After reaching Kodungallur, the car took a diversion from the usual route. My repeated queries about the place they were going fell on deaf ears. The car moved forward some more distance and halted before a house. There was no body inside the house and there I was cruelly raped by the four men. They said that they had shot the rape scenes in their mobile cameras and if she revealed the incident to any one, they will bring out the video”.

The woman explained that her husband came to know of the incident after she returned home from hospital. She made revelations only after her husband noticed changes in her character and started questioning her repeatedly. It was after this, they decided to lodge a complaint with the police. A complaint was filed with the women’s cell on August 14, 2016. Then the case was transferred to Peramangalam CI. But she got a bad response from the police, who pressed for compromising the case. As she was not ready for it, the police began harassing her in front of the public in the name of collecting evidence.  .

“The accused started threatening us after they came to know that a police complaint had been lodged. They threatened to kill my children if they went out of their house. When they saw my husband, they used to ridicule him, saying that they were in possession of my obscene photos. The police also favoured the demand of the accused for compromising the case. As threat increased, we decided to withdraw the case. What I told before the Magistrate were the statements the police had taught me,” she narrated even when the couple kept their faces covered with cloth throughout the press conference.   

“When I was giving my statement before the court, the culprits had detained my husband in the car. When Magistrate asked me weather I was under some external pressure, I burst into tears. I told the court that I stood by my statements regarding rape but I said that I was not interested in continuing the case. Actually I decided to end the case as the life of my husband and children was under threat. However, in the police station, there were  some good policemen. But some others there behaved to me as they behaved to a dog,” added the woman, who made a request not to politicise the issue and asserted that her life was still under threat.

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