Thursday, November 3, 2016

CPM councillor Jayanthan denies rape accusations

THRISSUR: Vadakkancherry Coporation Councillor and local CPM leader (CPM) Jayanthan said that the allegation raised by Thrissur woman that she had been raped by him and his brothers is a cooked-up story.

“They have made thise allegation as I asked them to return Rs 3 lakh, they had borrowed from me. They have acted in vengeance. First they had asked for Rs 15 lakhs but I gave them only Rs 3 lakh. Ins pite of asking several times to return the money, they didn’t and I took legal course to get back the money. And these instances turned them against me and they wanted to avenge this…,” Jayanthan said.

The CPM leader said the circumstances now is that “any woman can do anything if she wants to”. “Therefore let the police probe the incident and take whatever action they want. The police had inquired into her complaint. When they found that the complaint was not genuine, a situation came up when they were forced to take action against the complainant. It was at this juncture that the woman appeared before the Magistrate and said that she wanted to withdraw the case,” he said.


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