Friday, November 4, 2016

Jayanthan, Bineesh suspended; CPM district secy reveals victim's name

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Wadakkancherry ward councillor and CPM leader Jayanthan, accused of raping a Thrissur house woman, was suspended from the primary member ship of the party, pending inquiry. Another party member Bineesh was also suspended.

The above decision was taken by the Thrissur District Secretariat today. Announcing the decision, District Secretary K Radhakrishnan said, “There are arguments against and in favour of Jayanthan. Party investigation will run parallel to police investigation...Further action will be taken against Jayanthan and Bineesh, if they are proven guilty. The CPM is a party that has taken action against guilty leaders, irrespective of their fame or position in the party or government. But in this case, inquiry should also be initiated against the complainant. It could be a cooked-up story to tarnish the image of the party”.

Radhakrishnan blurted out the complainant’s name though he was asked not to reveal the name. “When the accused person’s name is made public, why can’t the name of the complainant be revealed? You must have seen the reaction of the woman’s parents. They said the woman had not turned up to see her children for nine years and even the kids were not willing to go with their mother. The woman had also arranged quotation team to assault her in-laws and a complaint has been registered in this regard,” he explained told media persons.

However, Radhakrishnan said Jayanthan would continue as the councillor

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