Thursday, November 3, 2016

Those who denied breast milk to baby need 'treatment'; Collector

Kozhikode : Kozhikode District Collector N Prasanth has ordered to take action against Aboobacker Siddique for preventing his wife from breastfeeding their new born baby until five calls for prayer are over after its birth.
In a facebook post, Prasanth pointed out that no religion asks to starve a new born baby and that the youth who showed this cruelty and those who promoted him need treatment.
Omassery native Aboobacker Siddique's wife had given birth to a body boy at EMS cooperative hospital in Mukkam around 2 pm on Wednesday. After the delivery, the hospital authorities asked the mother to beastfeeding saying that the baby cannot be breastfed until five calls for prayer are over after its birth. Accordingly, the baby was breastfed only on Thursday noon.
Though doctors and policemen informed Aboobacker that the baby may suffer from diseases including Epilepsy if it is not breastfed immediately after birth, he did not yield to their request.
Instead, Aboobacker signed the paper saying that the hospital authorities are not responsible if anything happens to the baby.
Officials of Social Welfare Department visited the couple's house on Thursday to collect evidence.

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