Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fissure spotted on railway track at Shasthamkotta

KOLLAM: A fissure was today detected on the railway track near Shasthamkotta Railway station. The rail traffic towards Ernakulam got hindered for more than one and a half hour due to this. The fissure was noted near the railway cross at the western side of Shasthamkotta Railway station at around 7:30 am by Engineering officials.

Parasuram Express that was supposed to have crossed the spot was made to halt at Shasthamkotta station. The fissure had occurred at the spot where it occurred one year ago.

Though the Ernakulam trains got delayed, trains heading towards Thiruvananthapuram passed through the adjacent tracks. By about 9 in the morning, the repair work was over and the normal rail traffic was restored.

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