Friday, November 4, 2016

Pressure cooker used for Malappuram blast made in Chennai

MALAPPURAM:  On investigation it was found that the pressure cooker used for the blast in Malappuram civil station on the Kerala Piravi Day was made in Chennai. The name of the company was written in the cooker when examined in detail. This company has no shops in northern Kerala. The conclusion reached was that the cooker was bought from Chennai and used for the explosion here. A detailed probe is going on.

Meantime, there is a strong doubt that Aboobacker Siddique, the head of old Al Umma (Base Movement) is behind the blast. A special police team examined Siddique’s house at Nagappattanam in Tamil Nadu. His wife told investigating officials that it’s since a long time he has come home. She told them that she is not aware where he is. Police believe that he is in Saudi. Police believe that the blast was conducted to prove that Al Umma is still active.

The bomb planted in the car of homeo medical officer exploded on November 1 afternoon. No one sustained injuries.


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