Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ernakulam native held with Rs 62 lakh invalid notes

KOZHIKODE: Kozhikode Nadakkavu police have detained an Ernakulam native after he was found to be in possession of cancelled notes worth Rs 61, 98,000. The person was found under suspicious circumstances today morning at 4:30 and the police, while checking his bag, found out wads of notes stacked inside it.

The arrested has been identified as Palluruthi Kandathil House resident Rasheed.  

The police said they got the information that Rasheed who arrived in Kozhikode from Ernakulam was about to hand over the money to some person when he was held. But the police is yet to get information on that person. They said Rasheed is being questioned.  
The bag carried Rs 35,000 of 500 rupee notes and the rest were Rs 1000 notes. Two 50 rupee notes were also found inside the bag. The police said Rasheed would be handed over to Enforcement Directorate officials.

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