Friday, November 4, 2016

CPM doesn’t have bad impression on CPI ministers: Kanam

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPI State secretary Kanam Rajendran has come out to counter the sarcastic comment by CPM State secretary member M M Mani that CPI Ministers are dumb. He said CPM doesn’t have the opinion that CPI ministers are fools. “CPM itself should give money the answer for his comments,” he said.

Kanam was inaugurating the 70th anniversary conference of Kerala State Transport Employees Union (AITUC)  
“M M Mani is a person who doesn’t accept CPM’s public politics and for such a person, CPM should give the answer. I have talked to CPM leaders Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and Vaikom Viswan in this regard but none of them has bad impression about CPI ministers,” he said.  

Mani’s statement was that Revenue and Agriculture ministers were acting like fools without any understanding of issues in the district. Both ministers are not able to solve farmers’ problems. These are creating problems for the government. Unfortunately non-CPM ministers are handling ministries the benefits of which directly reach the people. CPI is a party that had sided with the Congress to sabotage the Land Reformation bill. We can only expect this much from the party. There is no point in saying that everything will be set right. If it is not set right people will come out to set it right. We shall not hesitate to start people’s agitation if farmers’ issues are not solved,” Mani had said.

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