Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Speaker asks VS to vacate his office room

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala Speaker has officially asked Administration Reformation Commission chief VS Achuthananthan to vacate the room in MLA hostel that he had been using as the Commission office. He has been asked to vacate 1D room in the Neyyar block of the hostel today itself. With this, uncertainty over the office room has resurfaced. The Commission members used to use the room for official purposes.

V S, as Commission chairman, had been allotted Kowdiar house as his official residence. It was under this circumstance that he was asked to vacate the MLA hostel room.  

He was given the explanation that the room for stay could not be used as office room. It is also said that the VS was asked to vacate in order to accommodate resigned Minister E P Jayarajan in that room.

V S had asked for office space in Secretariat or Secretariat annexe but he was given space in IMG building complex. The IMG office was not acceptable to VS. To protest the delay in allotting the office space, VS had held the first meeting of the Commission at his Kowdiar residential house.

Most of the Commission staff members live in the MLA hostel and they have not been able to function properly due to absence of office space.   

Meanwhile, VS has brought Speaker’s letter to the notice of the chief secretary

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