Friday, November 4, 2016

Govt opposes Zakir Husain’s bail

KOCHI: The government Friday opposed the anticipatory bail plea of V A Zakir Husain, CPM area secretary and first accused on the charge of threatening a businessman in Kochi, at the Ernakulam district court. The prosecutor on behalf of the government requested not to grant him bail and also demanded to leave him in custody.

Political leaders’ connection with goons cannot be accepted. When they have connection with goons, they distance from the public. A case was registered soon after a complaint was lodged and a probe is on. Why politicians are having connections with goons, asked the government. Meantime, Zakir’s advocate informed the court that the former has not abducted anybody. He just intervened to settle a dispute between two industrialists.

The court postponed to tomorrow pronouncing the verdict in the anticipatory bail plea of Zakir soon after the argument was completed. The case against Zakir is for kidnapping and threatening a businessman, Jube Poulose, a native of Vennala, with the help of goons. The Palarivattom police registered a case against Zakir on October 26 after imposing non-bailable offences. Siddique, first accused in the case of extorting money from a young entrepreneur, is the second accused in this case. Faisal, who is in custody on charges of threatening and extorting money from a woman from Pachalam, is the third accused. Sheila Thomas, native of Pookattupadi is the fourth accused.

Jube Poulose said that he took a loan of Rs 35 lakh and started a business with Sheila Thomas. They later abducted me and threatened me with the help of CPM leaders to give them the full right of the firm.

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