Thursday, October 27, 2016

Corruption of 10.34 crore in import of cashew nut, says V D Satheesan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: V D Satheeshan alleged corruption in the assembly against the Cashew Corporation and CAPEX over the import of cashew nut. During finance request discussion, he said there is a corruption of Rs 10 crore in importing cashew nut directly.  

The cashew corporation incurred a loss of Rs 6.87 crore in importing 3900 metric tonne of cashew nut. A loss of Rs 3.47 crore was incurred while importing 2000 metric tonne of cashew nut. He said those helming these two public sector organizations are tainted.

However, Minister J Mercikutty Amma denied the allegations levelled by him. He is levelling baseless allegations, she said. The government wants to open the closed public sector organizations. The managing directors were appointed after getting vigilance clearance, she said.

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