Thursday, October 27, 2016

Encroachment: Concrete pathway leading to Mammukkoya’s house dug up

KOZHIKODE: As part of the road-widening operation, the concrete pathway leading to famous film actor Mamukoya’s house, was dug up by the Kozhikode Corporation today, leaving the actor fuming. The operation was carried out today morning by Corporation authorities, who had arrived at the place with a JCB.

The decision to evacuate illegal encroachments in the area for road expansion was taken by the Corporation long back.
All shops in front of Mamukoya’s house were pulled down. Mamukoya alleged that the officials dug up pathway that lay far away from the main road. “I have not made any encroachment. Marad police and the Corporation had connived to dug up the pathway. I was at home when they came but they didn’t even have the minimum courtesy to inform me about their plan,” Mamukoya said.   
Meanwhile, the Corporation authorities said they had issued a notice prior to the demolition of illegal construction. But Mamukoya said he had not received any notice on encroachment on demolition. “I had tried to contact Mayor over phone but I couldn’t after which I informed the Deputy Mayor,” he said.

Shoppers in the area also protested the evacuation.

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