Saturday, October 22, 2016

Make sure 'bag' doesn't become a burden for students: Human Rights panel

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Human Rights Commission Acting Chairperson P Mohandas has given Secretary, Directorate of Public Instruction directions, to put an end to children going to school with ‘heavy schoolbags’.

The action comes after human rights activist Sreekumar Nooranadu gave  a petition to the Commission, seeking to reduce the weight of schoolchildren’s bag. The commission also directed the DPI to distribute school textbooks in three volumes.           

“Students should be asked to buy notebooks with less number of pages so as to reduce its weight. Through PTA, awareness can be given to children on the use of lightweight school bags. The students could handover their textbooks to school libraries at the end of an academic year so their juniors can make use of it. The principal or headmistress should see to it that the students follow the above instructions,” the panel directed.

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