Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dog 'bites' housewife in Varkala

VARKALA: A dog allegedly bit a house woman in Varkala two times today. The victim has been identified as Munda Watchermukku native and Ranjith Bhavan resident P Sunitha (49). She has sought treatment from Varkala Government hospital.

The incident happened yesterday when Sunitha was in her kitchen. She was alone in the house as her husband Rajeev had gone out. Her sons were not in the house.

She was first bitten on her right leg after which she went to the hospital, took treatment and came back. When she was sleeping in her room, the same dog allegedly came at around 3:30 again and bit her right leg.

At that time Rajeev was around and as he reached home hearing her cries, the dog fled the scene. Attempt to locate the dog with the help of the locals did not succeed.

Animal activists say dogs turn violent usually when they are hungry, thirsty and enter homes in search of food and water. The previous government also didn’t use effectively the fund allotted by the Centre for Animal Birth Control programme.

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