Saturday, October 22, 2016

Now, E P Jayarajan lands in controversy over demand for teak wood

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM Central Committee member E P Jayarajan, who has had to quit as minister for his alleged nepotism, today landed in fresh controversy. This time it is regarding the demand for teak wood from the Forest minister.

The new controversy broke out after the letter he wrote as a minister to Forest Minister K Raju, asking for teak wood for his family temple, was leaked to the media.  

The Forest minister had handed over the letter to Principal Chief Conservator. The department, after examining official formalities, replied to Jayarajan in writing that it won’t be able to allow free supply of teak wood.

Jayarajan had asked for 1200 cubic metre teak wood for building the flag mast at his family temple at Mayyil in Kannur. He had used his official letter pad to write the letter. The chief conservator had written to Jayarajan that since the wood cost crores of rupees, it would not handed over free of cost. 
Meanwhile, Jayarajan said he would not comment on the teak controversy.

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