Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jacob Thomas says his phone was tapped, mail hacked

Kochi : Vigilance Director Jacob Thomas, who has been in the news for quite some time, said he strongly suspects that his official phone call data and email has been compromised.
It is learned that Jacob Thomas lodged a complaint in this regard with DGP Loknath Behra and the complaint was handed over to the police chief through an assistant on Friday night.
In his complaint, Jacob Thomas said that his email was hacked and his official phone calls were tapped. He alleged that such acts are an instruction into his privacy. 
As per the existing rules, an official in the rank of an IG can tap the phone of any person upto one week with the permission of the DGP. This provision should be withdrawn, he said.
Jacob Thomas said that since he is heading a department which investigates cases relating to the top brass in politics and bureaucracy, these kind of actions should be treated with much seriousness. Most of the officials in the IG rank in the state are tainted and they are being investigated, he alleged in the letter.


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