Sunday, October 23, 2016

spreading religious hatred : Education department pulled up for inaction

Kozhikode : A complaint filed against 3 schools in Kozhikode for allegedly spreading religious hatred is being probed by the police who allege that the education department is not co-operating in the investigation. The Kozhikode city special branch has filed a complaint against the Kozhikode Education Deputy Director in this regard.
Police conducted investigation against 2 preprimary schools which functions near the religious centres a Payyankkal and Panniyankara, and also against a school in Cheruvathur. Police found the syllabus in these schools taught communal religious hatred.
These schools do not function abiding to the Kerala Education Department's rules and regulations, says the police report.Based on the report, police directed the Kozhikode DD Gireesh Chollayil to look into the matter. However, the DD was reluctant to act on this and further investigations have been stalled. Besides, this, appointment of faculty to these schools have not followed any rules, the police found.

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