Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jose Maveli orchestrates killing of street dogs in Varkala; case filed

VARKALA: Jose Maveli, an accused in a number of dog killing cases, today pounced on yet another opportunity to kill dogs in Varkala Mundayam, where Raghavan (90) had died of cardiac arrest hours after he was allegedly bitten by street dogs on Wednesday.  He, with the support of Guruvayur Shanti Medicals Information Director Uma Preman, paid certain men to heinously kill more than 30 harmless street dogs that roamed the area.

Though the police have registered a fresh case against Maveli and his accomplice Uma Preman, the duo had mobilised a few locals to prevent their arrest. Police returned later as they didn’t want to turn the situation from bad to worse.

Jose Maveli, who is financially backed by businessman Kochouseph Chittilappilly, had roped in poor and illiterate people including women to stage a protest against police. Raghavan’s daughters Soosamma, Shobhana and Ammini were also present in the protest. A police team led by Varkala CI Saji Menon had rushed to the place to arrest the perpetrators of the crime soon after they were informed about the incident in the morning. But, they couldnt execute the law.  

Meanwhile, Mureen Hand, a heart-broken volunteer of Operation street Varkala, an NGO involved in rescue operation and ABC programme for street dogs confirmed that all dogs killed today were killed in a brutal manner.   

Another volunteer Elaine Philpott posted on its Facebook: “So very sorry, it seems now that anyone can kill dogs. You don't like dogs, ok let’s kill them. There is no punishment. All we can do is continue the fight to protect them, and hope that things change in the future. Sadly, I do not think this will happen in my life time...”

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