Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tiger eats man in Wayanad

GUDALLUR: A Jharkhand man, who quarrelled with his wife and left the house, was mauled to death and eaten by a tiger in Wayand on Saturday. The victim is Makhu Boraya (48), a labourer in Devarshola Wood Blare Estate near Gudallur. The incident happened late evening on Friday.

It is said he had picked a quarrel with his wife Sumori Bora before leaving the house in a huff. The wife expected him to return in the night but he didn’t. Sumori Bora started searching for her husband early morning when she spotted blood stains in the foreground of their house. A kilometre away from the house lay her husband’s head. A 100 metre away from there, she spotted her husband’s clothes and legs. His limbs and other body parts were missing.

In the inquiry conducted by the Forest officials, it was found that Bora was killed by the tiger. Neelagiri District Collector Senthil, District Police supt Murali Rabba, RDO Venkitachalam and DFO Tejaswi reached the spot. The irate locals blocked the officials, demanding protection for their life from wild animals.  

The leftover body parts were shifted to hospital. The mortal remains will be shifted from here to Ootty district hospital later. As many as 20 Jharkhand natives are working in the Wood Blair Estate of Devarshola.  Shortage of native labourers has forced estate owners to employ workers from other states.

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