Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Assembly adjourned due to oppn uproar, to convene on Oct 17

THIRUVANANTHAURAM: As the opposition intensified their protest in the assembly after talks with the self-financing managements failed, the question hour could not be conducted in the assembly. When they continued their protests before speaker’s chair, the assembly was suspended for four minutes without conducting the question hour. As the opposition continued protests when the assembly proceedings resumed, the speaker had to cut short it. The session will be convened again on Oct 17 after the pooja holidays. The UDF will decide as what should be done on the MLAs fasting in front of the assembly, should it be shifted to the secretariat or continue in the assembly itself.

When the question hour started in the morning, the opposition reached the assembly with banners and placards. The placards mostly were against the chief minister. The opposition did not pay heed to speaker’s demand asking them to get back to their seats. The approach of disrupting the assembly proceedings on a same subject is not right, the speaker reiterated and said it is very bad. They refused to withdraw even after speaker said they would be given a chance to speak. When the uproar continued, the speaker informed that the question hour has been suspended. They trooped to the well of the house and squatted. Even though the assembly was convened later, the opposition continued with their protests.

He made a statement that he is not responsible for the failure of the talks. The managements are responsible for it. They took a stand against the withdrawal of the deal. The UDF parliamentary party meet convened in the morning had decided to intensify their strike.

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