Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ATM fraud: Kannur native loses Rs 1 40,000 lakh

KANNUR: ATM fraudsters have robbed a Kannur native of Rs 1,40,000 using fake ATM cards in Goa. The money was found to be withdrawn from a Bank Of India ATM counter in Goa at 1 AM today.

The victim is Kannur Ever Bright Car owner and a resident of Sindhu Nivas near KSEB office.  Raveendran had deposited money in the Kannur Branch of the bank. From the mobile messages received by him, it was understood that an amount of Rs 10,000 each was withdrawn from his account 14 times. The town police have registered a case in this connection.

A week ago Raveendran had gone to Goa along with his friends. There he had withdrawn money using his ATM card at business institutions and amusement parks. The police believe fraudsters must have stolen the password and pin number from some of these places. Their doubts grew stronger as the money was found to have been fraudulently withdrawn from Goa itself.

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