Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Babu maintained contacts with his benami Baburam, says Vigilance

Kochi: The Vigilance today said that former Excise minister K Babu, who was booked in bar bribery allegations, had contacted his benami Baburam through phone and there is proof for that. The vigilance said that both maintained contacts several times and the vigilance has evidence to substantiate that.
The recent revelations came to light when the Vigilance was interrogating Baburam today at the Vigilance office. After verifying Babu's tax statements, he would be called for interrogation, Vigilance stated.
Earlier, the Vigilance had said that Kumbala native Baburam was a benami of K Babu and scrutinizing the documents it was found that he had land at 41 places in Thripunnithara. The Moovatupuzha Vigilance Court which submitted the preliminary investigation report stated that Babu had misused his position and accumulated wealth and crores of rupees and had transferred his assets in the name of his benami.

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