Saturday, October 1, 2016

Drug mafia behind Govindachami, Malayalis also involved: Aloor

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Advocate B A Aloor has revealed that the Govindachami case was handed over to him by a drug mafia based at Panavel, Mumbai.

“There are also Malayalis in the gang. People working for him are very much active in Mumbai. They have been helping me ever since the case was handed over to me; they only paid me fees. I have no guilt for having appeared for him,” Aloor said, adding that Govindachami was a link in drug mafia.

“The gang are men who perpetrate crimes at Alibagh, Panavel and Mumbai regions. Most of them are from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra and Maharashtra. They contacted me through one of my friends. They usually browse the Internet to find good lawyers. The cases are handed over by people from outside the State. In this case also, I was asked not to reveal details of the defendants,” he said.

Aloor’s revelation has come us a big surprise and shocker for the public. More people including Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala have come forward demanding a detailed probe into the revelations. 

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