Thursday, October 20, 2016

Request to create 3000 HS teacher posts rejected

Thiruvanandapuram : The Kerala Education Departments's  recommendation to create 3000 new teacher posts for Higher Secondary has been returned by the Finance Department, citing financial constraints.
The government is currently planning to give additional duty to the existing teachers and thereby reducing the number of posts.
In effect, appointments to posts left vacant due to retirement will also be freezed. The move may affect the promotion of junior-level teachers, it is learned.
As per the existing provisions, a junior-level teaching staff was allowed for up to 7 peroids a week and a senior-level staff was allowed for 1-25 periods.
However, as per the revised suggestion put forward by the Finance Department, only a guest teaching staff will be allowed for up to 7 periods.
Most of these teaching posts belonged to schools and batches sanctioned under the previous government. Currently, new teaching posts are being created in the state as per the government orders of 2002. However, this GO has not been approved by the Finance Department, Cabinet or the Accountant-General. 
The Finance Department points out that the provision that allows to appoint a junior teaching staff for up to 3 periods will create huge financial liability.
Since the duration of one period has not been correctly stated, the Finance Department fear it may lead to creation of more teaching posts by increasing the number of periods. Currently, a junior-level teaching staff gets an intial payment of Rs 37,500 and senior teaching staff gets Rs 45, 000 

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