Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bhavani passes away

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Twenty-five year old Himalayan bear in Thiruvananthapuram zoo Bhavani died yesterday night at 10:30. She had been bed-ridden in hospital for the past one month. As she was not able to eat on her own, food and water were being fed through tubes and syringe for the past one month.

Honey, milk, Ragi, rice porridge, boiled egg, water melon, cucumber, grapes, ground nuts and ice cubes were among the food items given to Bhavani. Her conditions worsened on Monday night. Scanning and other tests were conducted on Bhavani by expert vets from Centre For Welfare Life Studies and Bear Rescue Centre.

A Himalayan bear’s average life span is 25 years.

Bhavani was brought here 12 years ago from Haryana’s Bhivani zoo was alone in the cage for the last 8 years. Though many efforts were made to find a mate for Bhavani, it was not successful.

Now steps are being taken to bring here two Himalayan beers from Nagaland zoo.

After the post-mortem, Bhavani’s body was cremated today.

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