Thursday, October 6, 2016

ISIS link: Computer Engineer questioned

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: National Investigation Agency (NIA) has revealed that some of the men in the custody for their suspected ISIS link had been working as medical representative in Coimbatore.

The computer engineer who had helped the sleeper cell in Coimbatore was also questioned today. NIA officials said it was he who helped others including Abu Basheer to repair their laptops and integrate programmes into them.

The NIA has taken into custody college students namely Navaz, Rahman, Niswan Ran, Safiyullah, Nasar, Vahab and Nabeel.
Thrissur native T Swalih, who was arrested from Kannur Kanakamala, is found to have been working in a five-star hotel in Chennai. He along with his wife Jensina and 3-yr-old son has been living in an apartment in Chennai. Jensia informed the police that her husband had told her that he was going to Kerala to meet his friend.

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