Monday, October 3, 2016

Kerala also has ISIS faction - 'Ansarul Khialfa'!

KOCHI: A shocking news has come that there is a Kerala faction for the international Jihadist terror outfit ISIS, soon after the arrest of Malalyalis from Kanakamala near Kannur Panoor with suspected ISIS links.

It bears the name Ansar Ul Khalifa and most of its members are Malayalis. The above information was elicited from the persons who were arrested yesterday. The NIA has got the information that the arrested persons had been heading the Kerala faction.
There are also hints that the police have found out evidence for their anti-national activities. The evidence including telegram chats show that it is anti-national. They schemed for an attack during the Kochi meet. Messages against the Indian army were also retrieved from them.

Meanwhile, police have arrest one more Malayali from Thirunelvi with suspected ISIS links. The arrested person has been identified as Thodupuzha native Subbahni. He also belongs to the gang arrested from Kannur.

He will be brought to Kochi for interrogation. 12 persons are said to be present in the gang and most of them are Malayalis. They had also been planning to enrol more persons via website. NIA has started investigation into the case.

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