Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Man kills mother-in-law

KOCHI:  A 50-year-old-man murdered his mother-in-law by slitting her throat over a family dispute. The woman has been identified as Eliamma (60), wife of Paulose of Perumbavur. The ghastly incident happened Tuesday morning. The police have taken into custody her son-in-law Paulose in connection with the murder. More details have not been obtained about Paulose.

Paulose, a drunkard, was estranged from his wife Lizy and was staying in a rented house. Property dispute isolated him from his wife’s family. Paulose, who reached his wife’s house this morning, had a verbal dispute with Lizy. When the dispute worsened, Eliyamma intervened and in a fit of rage he stabbed his mother-in-law and then slit her throat. Lizy was Eliyamma’s only daughter.

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