Sunday, October 9, 2016

My daughter-in-law is not getting pension, says P K Sreemathy

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: My daughter-in-law was appointed in my personal staff with the permission of the party during my tenure as the minister, said P K Sreemathy MP. The party had then directed that a minister can appoint people in three posts and my daughter-in-law was appointed as per that, she wrote in her Facebook page. She appointed her daughter-in-law Dhanya M Nair, her son’s wife, in the post of a cook. After a year, she was elevated as the additional personal assistant.

My daughter-in-law is not getting pension, as alleged by congress leaders, BJP and the media. She has not applied for it also. Appointing relatives in personal staff is not an isolated incident. When it was decided to promote graduates, my staffs were also upgraded. Including my daughter in it was not a good act.  However, the media leveled criticism only against me. Later as per party’s directive, she had resigned from her post. I accept the criticisms. I just wanted to clarify what happened ten years back. I kept mum then as I didn’t want to stain the image of the party, he said

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