Monday, October 3, 2016

Pastor commits suicide after killing children

PIRAVOM: A 40-year-old pastor allegedly committed suicide after killing two of his children following a family dispute. The pastor has been identified as V R Reji of Piravom municipality and children Abhinav (15) and Alfia (12). His wife Sandhya (38) found in an unconscious stage has been admitted at the Piravom taluk hospital.

The three were found dead by nearby residents Monday morning at 6 am. Reji was a pastor of the Church of God functioning in Idukki. When Abhinav was found lying dead on the bed, Alfia was found hanging in a nearby window. Reji was found hanging in the hall of the house. Police suspect family problems the reason for the extreme step. Nearby residents and relatives said Reji used to  fight with his wife over dowry regularly. The children were students of MKM High School of Piravom.

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