Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vaikom MLA C K Asha verbally abused and forced to alight from auto.

Thiruvananthapuram : In a shocking incident,MLA C K Asha, who boarded an auto from East Fort here, was verbally abused by the auto driver before forcing her to alight from the auto.
Asha, who is the MLA of Vaikom and AISF state coucil member, had called the auto to go from Priyadarshini auditorium to the MLA quarters. The incident happened around 10.30 pm while she was returning from the AISF conference.
Asha said that she called the auto after reaching the entrance of East Fort. Two women delegates were also with her. The auto driver said that the charge to MLA quarters will be Rs.80. However, she boarded the auto as it was getting late. The driver got provoked when she said that the charge to MLA quarters from East Fort during daytime was Rs 40 and she used to pay Rs 60 in the night.She also told him that it is not correct to demand double charge. The auto driver then told her to alight from the auto. He started to speak badly when she reiterated that it is not correct to demand double charge and she will not alight from the auto.
The MLA said that the auto driver then hinted that she was going for immoral activities along with the other two woman. At this juncture, she told the driver that she is coming from the AIYF conference. But she did not reveal that she was an MLA. When the verbal abuse continued, the women who were with him told the auto driver to speak carefully as Asha is the Vaikom MLA.
However, the auto driver replied that it does not matter to him if she is an MLA and he will tell what is to be told.
Asha then told him to stop the vehicle when the abused crossed the limit. The auto stopped in an isolated place. Asha then told the auto driver to take the auto to MLAs quarters or to the place of boarding. He then switched off the vehicle and stood outside.
The behavior of another auto driver who reached the spot was worse than the first auto driver. Party activists, who reached the spot after the conference, intervened in the issue and a scuffle ensued. The police reached the spot soon and took the auto driver into custody. Asha reached the MLA quarters in the car of CPI district secretary G R Anil.
Though she thought of filing a complaint, she asked the police to charge a petty case only asa the auto driver's wife came to her in the morning and told her that their child had not slept without seeing her father in the night. Hence, she told the police to let off the auto driver with a warning.
City police Commissioner Sparjan Kumar said that an FIR has been registered for the verbal assault on the MLA. Fort SI Rejikumar said that the auto driver is in lock up as no complaint has been registered and action will be taken as soon as a complaint is filed.
C K Asha questioned the security in the capital city where women have to travel for many needs. 

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