Monday, October 3, 2016

Jitesh will have to wait for heart

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Ernakulam native Jitesh, who is under treatment in Ernakulam Lisie hospital, will have to wait for his heart transplantation surgery.

Though it was decided to receive the heart of brain-dead patient Nirmal Kumar, who is admitted in Coimbatore Kovai medical centre, a detailed examination showed the heart won’t be a perfect match for the recipient. Then it was decided to put off the transplantation procedures. The examination was conducted by the team headed by Dr Jose Chacko Periyapuram.

Nirmal Kumar, who is the son of Kulanthavel and Shakunthala, had met with a fatal accident on October 27. He was admitted to Coimbatore Kovai Medical Centre and on Sunday he was declared bran-dead. It was after that his parents expressed their wish to donate his organs.

Nirmal’s liver and kidney had been donated to some other patients in the medical centre.

Currently Jitesh is having a machine called CentriMag in the place of heart; it was temporarily implanted in his body through an operation. Jitesh is a software engineer in Technopark here. He had a heart-attack a year ago and there after it repeated several times. In the diagnosis, it was found that he is suffering from silated cardio myopathy.

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