Friday, October 7, 2016

People’s participation important for anti-narcotics activities: Ramakrishnan

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Minister T P Ramakrishnan has said the people’s participation is very important in the government’s anti-narcotics campaigns and programmes.

“Mere ban on liquor will not benefit society. What is needed is abstinence from liquor. This can’t be achieved in a single day,” he said after inaugurating an awareness campaign on the matter. The event was jointly organised by the Excise department and PRD.     

“Abstinence will be possible only through regular awareness campaigns. For this, Kerala liquor abstinence mission under the name ‘Vimukthi’ will be started soon. Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar will be the project’s ambassador and he will be visiting Kerala soon in connection with this. Several ministers will be members of the administration committee of Mukthi, which will be chaired by the chief minister. Executive committee chairman will be Excise minister. Mission committees will come into existence at district, bloc, corporation, municipality and Panchayat level. The participation of ward members, Kudumbasree members, Anganwadi/Asha workers and resident associations will be ensured,” he said.

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