Friday, October 7, 2016

Saumya murder case: Prosecution faltered, says SC

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today said the prosecution had faltered in its arguments in the Saumya murder case. The witnesses said that Saumya had jumped off the train on her own and their statements were taken into confidence when Govindachamy’s death sentence was commuted. “If Saumya had jumped off the train how can we say that it was Govindachamy who murdered her?” the court asked.

“The prosecution had argued that Govindachamy pushed Saumya off the train but the very witnesses (Witness No 4 Tomy Devasy and witness number 40 Abdul Shukkur) presented by the Prosecution submitted that she jumped off the train to save escape from the attacker. Both said that a middle-aged man had told them that he had seen Soumya jumping from the train. If one has to be hanged, we need 101 percent evidence against him. We won’t be able to award the capital punishment, if there is room for even the slightest doubt,” the court said.

The case will be considered again on October 17. The case was postponed, following the state government’s demand for more time to study the case.   

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