Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Will not take loan to pay off salary, says KSRTC MD

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: New KSRTC MD Rajamanikyam has said certain steps would be taken to salvage the KSRTC. He said this at a meeting of labour organisations called to resolve various problems faced by the KSRTC.

He however said in the meeting that he would not take loan to pay salaries to the employees. “The employees ought to get the salaries at least by month end. The efforts for this should first come from the employees. Top officials in the department should come on to the field and work. Steps should be taken to repair buses in workshops and use it for services again. They should find out the reason for discarding certain buses.  This is not possible only by low-grade officers and hence top officials should also do the field work,” he said.

The MD also informed that the KSRTC would be re-organised at officers level.

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