Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Court directs govt to probe Swami Saswathikananda’s death

KOCHI: The death of Sivagiri Mutt chief Swamy Saswathikananda is found suspicious and so a probe should be conducted, the Kerala High Court directed the government on Wednesday. A bench led by Justice Kamal Paash asked how Saswathikananda, who knows swimming, can drown. The court considered the plea filed seeking a CBI probe in the case.

A legal investigation has not been held in the case, observed the court.  The police had not produced the FIR in the magistrate court. The court said the investigation was conducted without following the procedures as per the Criminal Procedure Act. The case was also not ended legally, they said.  

Though the government had ordered a further probe in the case, more investigation has not yet started, DGP informed the court. When police said more evidences have to be collected, the court then asked why an action plan was launched for the probe.

Meantime, the government stated they are ready for any kind of probe as suggested by the court. The advocate general said they have nothing to hide in the case and if there is any suspicion, then it should be removed. For further argument, the case has been postponed to December 14.

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