Saturday, November 28, 2015

Money, religion rule the roost in Kerala: Vellapally

PALAKKAD: SNDP Yogam General Secretary has said that Samatva Munnetta yatra aims at mopping up the tears of the poor while what both Fronts (Left-Right) do here are drinking their tears. He was speaking after inaugurating the reception given to his yatra at Palakkad Kotta maidan on Friday.   

“When I try to mop up tears, some forces are trying to blindfold my eyes. The Congress and Communist parties have threatened some Congress/Communist SNDP members against taking part in the yatra. This they have done fearing defeat in election and loss of power in the future,” said Vellapally who suggested a second Land Reformation in Kerala, so as to help the downtrodden and landless people find their domiciles.

“Even when the government fails to give protection and help to farmers, they render all kinds of  help to estate owners and rubber cultivators. This is injustice. The government’s policy is to cut out the facilities provided to the majorities and give that to the minority. The yatra should become a movement of Hindu community against this policy.”

He said beef fest was conducted by organisations including DYFI to attract minority votes. He dared those who conduct beef fest to conduct pork festival.  

Vellapally said right from the day of announcing the Yatra, the Left-Right parties had been crucifying him, raising false allegations against him. “I am not going to back off fearing allegations. This ‘crucifixion’ has only strengthened our spirit. Increasing participation of people in the yatra day by day also proves this,” he added.

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