Sunday, November 29, 2015

Temple wealth shared among minorities: Vellapally

THRISSUR: SNDP yogam general secretary Vellapally Natesan has made a serious allegation that as the Devaswom boards are governed by political parties, this gives a good opportunities for minority communities to share the temple wealth among themselves.

He was speaking at the reception meeting of Samatva Munnetta Yatra at Thrissur Thekkinkadu maidan.

“The whole income from Kadambuzha temple is deposited in the cooperative society and it is totally shared by the minorities.
By depositing the income from Guruvayur temple in bank, does it benefit Hindus? Hindus are generating the income and it is being taken away by the minorities. People with no abilities are appointed in Devaswoms and they mismanage temples. But, will the government dare to exercise control over the worship places of minority communities? Through Land Reformation bills, it was the temples that stood to lose the land and wealth. Hindus who realise this are uniting,” Vellapally said.

He said: “When 70 percent Arts and Science Colleges were given to the minorities, the majorities got only 30 percent. When the Christian community got 4193 Aided schools, Ezhavas got only 363. When 8216 acre government land was given to Christian community, Ezhavas got only 30 acre. Due to poverty and conversion, the Hindus became 55 percent fro 6 before. Among the landless 22 lakh persons, 99 per cent are Hindus, Christians are 9 percent and Muslims.”

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