Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vellapally’s yatra turns Chathuvarnya samrakshana yatra: VS

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Opposition leader V S Achuthanandan has said that SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellapally Natesan’s Samathva Munnetta yatra has turned into Chathuvarnya samrakshana yatra. “What was seen during the inauguration of the yatra was a resurge of obsolete Chathuvarnya system,” he said.  

Pejawar mutt chief didn’t come forward to hand over the yatra flag to Vellapally during the inauguration because of his untouchability mindset. If the chief had by chance touched Vellapally, he would have gone to take a bath. Also, he was on stage for just three minutes. What does Vellapally have to say about this? In the Uduppi temple under the mutt chief, there still exists the tradition of lower caste people rolling over the plantain leaf after Brahmins have taken food from it,” he said.

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