Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The scooter that runs on air !

KOLLAM: Don’t worry if the prices of petroleum and diesel are going up. Here comes a scooter that runs on fresh air. It is an exhibit at the ongoing State School Science Fair and was presented by Thrissur Azhikode SSMHSS students Basim Akthar and N A Aslahu. It is a showstopper in the science fair.

According to the students, the manufacturing cost of the vehicle is the same as that of buying a cycle.

In the gas tank used in the place of petrol tank, air can be filled using an air compressor. The gas tank has been made out of an old scooter engine. The air scooter also has four gears and it runs at a maximum speed of 30 km/hr. “With a little more modification, 80km/hr speed range can be attained. If there is demand, we wish to go for commercial production of the vehicle,” the students say.

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